Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I need to rant!

You know that moment when you think that everything in your life is at last starting to get better, when you say, "Hey, it's not really that bad," and then something happens that makes you feel even worse than you were? Well, that moment has just knocked at my door. Sadly, I didn't suspect it was so close. Yes, I'm that naive, I stupidly considered that the days of my forever depression might come to an end. At last my eyes were getting better. In case you care, I have had trouble with my eyes for the last twenty years. It's something that doesn't want to go away. I could tell you all the types and names of eye medication, but I probably will never be able to count the times my eyes have been injected. Yes, it's painful. Yes, I go through that a few times a year. Yes, I'm  tired. And yes, it's the shittiest thing that can happen to a writer. When your eyes behave like that you have to admire Life's sense of humor. Ah well, it doesn't stop me from writing 2000 words per day.
Wish I could write more, but I'm happy for these 2000. It could be worse.
So what was I saying? Oh, right, everything seemed to be going well. I had at last found a way to receive my Amazon royalties. I was in so much dept and the bank interest was so high, that it was gone almost immediately. "Never mind," I told myself, "at least you received your hard-earned money."

So what happens next? 
Shit happens. I mean, this happens:

And they are costly. Oh boy, very costly. And not mine. I don't care about expensive china, ceramics, vases and sets, but those are not mine. And I'll have to pay. No idea how much, but probably no less than $400 for each. Have been searching for similar vases everywhere, but no luck so far.

Yes, that sucks! And I wonder why I'm laughing so hard now. Maybe I'm going crazy?

Nah, not for two vases. I guess I should appreciate Life's sense of humor. But I will repay. Ohh yes, I will repay you, you cruel, sadistic, cold-hearted Life! And that will happen sooner than you expect! X-)

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