Sunday, January 18, 2015

Strange reviews

I was checking my books at Barnes and Nobles and stumbled upon some strange reviews. Since I can't understand what they are meant to be, maybe you will explain to me. Here's the link: Barnes and Noble Witch Hollow.
And here are the reviews (I have copy-pasted them from B&N and have made no corrections):

Anonymous Posted January 5, 2015


She flew around getting used to her new wings. She then landed and heard a squeak. She looked behind her to see a small mouse. Chestnut walked toward it holding out her hand. The mouse nudged her hand with its nose. She smiled and said ill keep you. Your name will be Berry! Berry squeaked in delight. Chestnut giggled and walked to a tree. Her wings fluttered and she flew to some leaves. And grabbed some. She flew to a spiderweb and took some of the string. She also found a thorn with a hole in the end. She put one end of the string through the hole in the thorn and sewed the leaves together to make a notebook. She took another leave and rolled it tight so the end was in a point. She sewed it in place so she had a pencil. She opened the notebook and wrote down must make. Under that she put more cloths, house, scissors, and garden. She took more leaves and made a small makeshift bed. She covered up and fell asleep.

Anonymous Posted January 5, 2015


She woke up and got to her feet. She opened her notebook and read it. She knew how to make a garden so she got started. She found some seeds and dug a hole. She put the seeds in the hole and covered it. Then she poured water onto it. Later she came back to it and it was growing a juicy berry. She plucked it and took more leaves and made a pouch. Inside the the pouch she put her notebook and pencil. She also put the thorn in it and went to get more string. She flew over to a spider web and grabed one end of a string. She pulled and pulled until she had a long peice of string that she put in her pouch. She made a wagon for Berry to pull and she hooked it up to him. She put the juicy berry in the wagon and led Berry to a peanut bush. She took 5 peanuts and put them in the wagon. After searching Chestnut found 3 nut seeds, 2 carrot seeds, 4 poppy seeds, 1 berry seeds, and 5 lilac seeds. She put one of each in her pouch and put the rest in the wagon. Then Chestnut and Berry sat there waiting for other fairies to join their group.

Anonymous Posted January 6, 2015


A pale fairy with long blonde hair wearing a water lily top, skirt, and shoes flew in. Her silvery wings descended gracefully to where Chestnut and Berry were. She was flying along a small firefly named Glow. "Hello. My name is Coral." She said shyly and looking up with her bright sky-blue eyes. (Its Oceanbreeze I came as soon as I saw I'd never think of a fairy rp before)

Isn't this lovely? I can't help imagining the fairies like this:
The photo is from

I wonder who has written this. And I'd love to read the rest. Maybe the author will continue the story. I'm dying to know what happened to Chestnut and Berry.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Win a Gift Card!

First of all, Happy New Year, my dear readers. I hope the year 2015 (wow, two thousand fifteen!) will be full of happiness and great books.

There are so many things I want to write about, but the lazy bee has stung me once again. The only thing I can write now is the last part of the Witch Hollow series.

Thus, because I'm not doing anything with my blog at the moment, I decided to give away a $10 Amazon gift card to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave a review on for one of the Witch Hollow books, then email the link to your review to Simple, right? I'll randomly pick up the winner at the end of this week.

Good luck!