Friday, November 7, 2014

Big Hero 6

Oh, how excited I was about this cartoon. That big white zephyr that looked like the Michelin guy seemed to be a fun character. And he was, actually. But the story was so all over the place. I might give away spoilers, so you've been warned. But first, Michelin guy and Baymax:

My point is obvious, so I'll talk about the plot. In the beginning of the movie we learn that the boy, Hiro, and his brother Tadashi are orphans, living with their aunt after their parents have died. OK, Disney loves to have orphans as their protagonists, but at least the boys had each other. On the 25th minute the big brother dies. Not just dies, he explodes in the burning building along with their very nice professor. EXPLODES! In a kid's movie. I was one of the few adults in the theater, and I turned to my right and looked at the kids. They were staring at the screen with their mouths gaping. "He died," a girl whispered dejectedly, and silence again.
Seriously, what the hell was I watching? I had gone to the theater for some fun and laughter, and one of the protagonists, who was a sweet, caring big brother, explodes. Then there was the scene at the funeral, everyone wearing black and mourning. If I had gone alone, I might have just left then. That's how depressing was this cartoon.
And then the plot slowly (very slowly) began to turn into a cliche superhero story. Superhero costumes, stupid powers, overdone ideas. Oh, my!

Somewhere by the end of the movie we learn that the good professor's daughter has died too. Not just died, she has exploded in the portal. And yes, we see that scene as well. My goodness, I had no idea I had gone to watch a melodrama.
Also, the movie had one of the most underdeveloped villains. And Baymax, the heart and soul of the movie, suddenly turned into Flash, who had eaten too much donuts.

Edit: It was late at night yesterday, and I forgot to mention the thing that bugged me the most. In order to be admitted to the school of geniuses Hiro has to come up with an invention that would impress the professor. What he comes up with is so astonishing, innovative and incredible, that I couldn't understand why Hiro needed to get into that school. Possessing such genius and talent, he could easily found his own school and train his own students.

This has to be the most disappointing cartoon I had watched in years, or even decades. The only good point was the wonderful, truly masterful animation. But then, I have always preferred my cartoons in 2D.
I want to thank the Fall Out Boy for the song in the middle of the movie. At least that song helped me feel a bit better. And I still can't get it out of my head.

We could be immortals!!!

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