Friday, November 14, 2014

Do you have en elderly friend?

I just watched a sweet, beautiful video and have been crying for the last ten minutes. Watch this video and join me in this heart-warming moment. Brazilian students are learning English via interacting with retired Americans. This is why I love internet. It's a blessing for the humanity, as much as the new technologies are, when they are used for the good. They make the communication so much easier. And what do we need so often if not communication?

These elder people are so sweet, so generous, and so happy for helping the younger generation that I began crying again.
I have an elderly friend too. We met while we both were in the line to an ophthalmologist. I don't even remember how I started the conversation with the old grandpa sitting next to me in the hospital's corridor, but some time later we were already on our way to the store on the other side of the town to find the eyeglasses he had lost a few days before. Sadly, we didn't find the eyeglasses, but we found something better: a friendship. I encourage you to do the same. Find an older friend for you, you both will gain a lot from that friendship.
I always had a soft spot for elderly people; I love to hear them talk, tell me about the times when I wasn't even born, tell me how it was in the Soviet Union, how it was after, how it is now. I love stories, and who has the longest stories if not older people?
I'll leave you with this video (in case you're too much embarrassed to cry in my presence) and go call my old grandpa friend and see how he's doing today.
Stay well,

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