Friday, May 1, 2015

Witch Hollow and the Moon's Daughter

And so, Witch Hollow and the Spider Mistress is re-edited and re-published. Both the e-book and the paperback. It was 110.000 words before re-editing. I have deleted some 3000 words. After cutting out 56.000 words from 3 books, 3000 is nothing. Just a couple of adverbs and adjectives. God, I hate adverbs and adjectives. Anything that ends with ly makes me nervous.
Now I can take a breath and go through Witch Hollow and the Moon's Daughter for the last time before publishing it. What else should I do?
1. Create a paperback for the book.
2. Create a music playlist.
3. Create a newsletter to send it to my subscribers on the day the book is published.
4. And probably some other things that I can't remember now, because I want to sleeeeeeep.
Oh god, how much I want to sleep. After I hit the publish button I'm going to sleep for a whole day. Then I'll start working on my next book. I've already written chunks of texts for three books. And now I don't know which one I need to write first. Maybe I'll write them all simultaneously?
OK, I'll go back to Witch Hollow and the Moon's Daughter. When my designer made the cover, I told him to send me the Photoshop file so that I could make some changes as I always do. But my designer told me yesterday that he had accidentally deleted the Photoshop file. So I can't make any changes to the cover. To be honest, I wanted to change a bit the color of the background, add a couple of things, and delete another couple of things, but no luck. So here's the cover of the last book. I think it's beautiful:

Coming in a few days.

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