Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to get Moon's Daughter for free

And so, it's May 7, and the Witch Hollow and the Moon's Daughter is now $4.99 on Amazon and other retailers. 
But you can get the book for free

All you need to do is to leave at least 2 reviews for the books in the "Witch Hollow" series, and email me the links of the reviews. I promise to email you back and send you a mobi (for Kindle) or an epub (for Nook) of the book. Your reviews can be just a sentence or two about whether you liked or disliked a particular book and if you'd recommend it to other readers.

Here are the links of the series:

And in case you want to know how else you can help a starving author, here's a great list I found from the Web.
Thank you <3

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