Monday, May 4, 2015

Moon's Daughter is available for pre-order

Just look at this!!!
Witch Hollow and the Moon's Daughter is on Amazon, available for pre-order. And the price is just $0.99 ($2.99 outside of the USA, because of the VAT). That's a present to all my readers who waited patiently for the last book in the Witch Hollow series. The price will go up in a few days ($4.99), so hurry up and grab a copy now :))

As I have told already, I'm very sick. I've got flu, cough, and feel so weak I want to sleep all the time. But I had promised my readers the book would be released at the end of April, and couldn't postpone it any longer. I really hope I have spotted all the typos, even though my headache was killing me last night. I've also set up the paperback version; I think it's already available. And the e-book will be available on May 7. It seems I've done everything from the to-do list, except creating the newsletter. I'll try to do that now, while I'm still breathing. LOL.
I don't know if it was because I was sick and weak, or because it was the last book in the series, but last night I cried my eyes out. And I still cry when I think of the ending. Why did it have to be so sad?

I'm planning to set up a box set with deleted scenes, but it won't happen soon. Maybe in a few months.
As for now, I'll create the newsletter and drink the 178th cup of tea.

Witch Hollow and the Moon's Daughter is 91.000 words or 303 print pages. It is the last book of the series (almost 400.000 words), and I really want to hear your thoughts about the last book, and about the series overall. I wrote them during the last 3 years, while I was learning to write fiction in a foreign language. 
Is it hard? Oh yes! 
Is it impossible? Hell no! 
Have I learned a lot? Definitely!
Do I still have to learn? I think I will be learning all my life :))

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'm always happy to help fellow authors.
Stay well,
I.D. Blind

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