Saturday, September 28, 2013

A review from Readers' Favorite

Once, I don’t really remember when, I had submitted one of my books at for a review.

You can pay a certain amount of money to receive an honest review  + promotion (I am poor), or you can just submit your book and hope someone will pick it up (I am the hoping type).
So, today I opened my mailbox, and voilà, a review! :)
A nice, detailed review of my Billion-Dollar Girl.

 "The Billion-Dollar Girl by I.D. Blind is about Eva Milton. Her only wish was to become famous, have money, many fans, and a glamorous lifestyle. Though she lacked the talents to make it to the top, she had perfect skills for her ambitions. The book is different from the usual humorous stories you read. Though the theme is relevant, the author has handled it in a novel way. The character of Eva Milton is someone whom you find now - empty, shallow, gold-digging, and willing to do anything to become famous. The names of more than a few celebrities come to your mind while reading. You keep wondering if the author meant to refer to any one of them.
The Billion-Dollar Girl is the story of reality in our society. People have become so obsessed with money and they have become so materialistic that they tend to lose focus of what they are really looking for, apart from money. The book also tells us how these brainless creatures are worshiped and admired by many. Apart from a humorous story, the book also shows the pathetic and fake society we live in and how we give our everything to become rich and famous. What I liked most in the story was the way the author has spoken about the release of home porn videos and how they mention that it is 'accidental.' This is an old trick of celebrities to be in the news.
The writing is original and spirited, and the book is fast paced. With the humor, there is an amount of truth in how the character is depicted and how modern society is."

 This was a really pleasant surprise. And if you think I deserve more surprises like this, you can always find my books on my Amazon page. Just click the link below: