Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wheel of Time

So, here they are! Arrived today. Ten books of the "Wheel of Time" series:

I have to admit this will be my first epic fantasy. I have read LOTR, and Silmarillion is one of my most favorite books, but “Wheel of Time” seems ten times longer.

I have never started anything as epic before, and I’m not sure I will finish it in less than five (!) years.

Last night I read the first two chapters. Then reread them. Too many names, too many characters and locations. I had a hard time remembering the names of the characters and who was who. But since early morning I have been longing to go back to the book.

Either I am already addicted to “The Eye of the World” or I am afraid to forget what has already happened in the book, because then I will have to start anew.

I am not sorry for my big purchase. I know I will love the “Wheel of Time”. The only thing I feel sorry for is that I had a moment of parsimony and did not buy the e-books. Those used paperbacks cost almost nothing ($40 for the whole set), but now I’m outside, and won’t be able to resume my reading till late at night when I get home.

And at last, I will understand what Blind Guardian has been singing about. 
That's a big bonus! :)

The young man says:
"I will never give in"
The prophecy
Behold it's true
I conquer the flame
To release the insane
I'm crying
I cannot erase
I'm the Dragon Reborn
And in madness
I soon shall prevail
Twice I'll be marked and
Twice I shall live
The heron sets my path
And name me true
Twice I'll be marked and
Twice I shall die
My memory's gone
But twice I pay the price.
(Blind Guardian, "Wheel of Time" from the album "At the Edge of Time").

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