Monday, August 1, 2016

Last Night I Dreamt About JK Rowling

I must have told a few times I am currently working on the first book of my new series, Abracadabra. The title is enough hint about the genre, isn’t it? Those who have finished my Witch Hollow series know that the new series will be about the Witchcraft Academy. I am excited, but I am also nervous. I know my new book might be called a copy of Harry Potter. In the vast cyberspace, where indies are bullied on a regular basis, I might be called a plagiarizer, a wannabe-Rowling, and many other things. But I’m still writing my book and hope to publish it somewhere around the most magical time of the year: Christmas!
Maybe I am thinking too much about the possible reaction towards my book, and maybe because of my impressionable personality, I had a dream last night, where I was having a conversation with Miss JK Rowling! I told her about my upcoming book and its plot, and asked her if she felt offended because I was writing about a school of witchcraft (in real life, I don’t think I am offending Rowling, but we do and say strange things in our dreams, don’t we?). She answered me, “You have chosen a topic that can be explored and create hundreds of interesting stories. If you have one in your head, write it by all means.”
Then we talked about our favorite magical items. I told her how much I wished to receive a flying broom as a Christmas present when I was a little kid, hoping to find it inside our big Christmas Tree. She told about hers, but I don’t remember.
What’s strange is that I’m not even a very big Harry Potter fan. At the moment I’m stuck in the beginning of book 4. I do like the series, and love the second movie, but there are diehard fans, and I’m not one of them.
Then I woke up, checked the Internet, and found out it was JK Rowling’s (and Harry Potter’s) birthday. :))))
So, happy birthday, JK Rowling! And even if you say "The Cursed Child" is the end of Harry Potter stories, may you change your mind and make your readers as happy as they are at the moment.

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