Tuesday, June 21, 2016

10 Ways to Seduce a Writer

There are a lot of memes over the Web about the writers. Very often we are portrayed as nutjobs, insomniacs, introverts, edgy, crazy and even suicidal. There’s a bit of truth in all of these characteristics. But we can be cute and sweet too. All you need to do is follow some rules. Here’s a great list I’ve found (from Writers Write), which does a good job at telling what the writers love.

I especially love the first two. Can there be such a thing as too many books? I can’t fit paperbacks in my home anymore, but there are always digital books, which I love no less. I don’t care that they are digital; they are readable, nothing else matters. So what am I trying to say here? You can give me digital books as gifts, too! I’ll be more than happy to receive them. And if you decide to give me paperbacks, then also remember to build me a bookcase!
Alright, I’m kidding :D But digital books are indeed appreciated. Just because we can’t touch them doesn’t mean they can’t touch us. Don’t underestimate their value as gifts.

Then there is another list: How to drive a writer crazy.

Every time I see a list like this, I remember my friend and her great idea for a fantasy novel. I might have to ask her if she has finished her book. After all, writing is nothing complicated, is it?  

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