Friday, June 10, 2016

Witch Hollow: Stories From the Past

I just realized I hadn't posted on my blog about my latest book, which came out on March 8. No idea how I could forget about it, but here it is:

Witch Hollow: Stories From the Past

The book contains six short stories: 3 of them about Electra, Cassandra, and Medea, and 3 about Andromeda, Valeria, and Sophia.

Because these are stories from the past there is no Eric of course, but something tells me you won't be disappointed in these 6 stories with scary monsters and fun adventures. Also, you'll get to meet Valeria and Sophia, who are no less mischievous than their daughters.

Please buy this collection only if you have finished "Witch Hollow" series, otherwise the stories may not make sense to you. Go to Amazon and get the book for just $1.99.

 Happy reading!

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