Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

What to listen to on this day:

Samhain Eve by Damh The Bard. One of my most favorite musicians. Damh The Bard's songs are always magical for the genre lovers.

What to watch on this day:

The Woman in Black (full movie). A Victorian suspense, lots of spooky scenes, a haunting score, a bone-chilling villain. And Daniel Radcliffe!

(if you're too much of a chicken)
One of the best South Park episodes. It spoofs Stephen King's The Shining (which seems to be on sale right now), and is funny as hell.

Personally I will be watching this:

Eliza Graves. Not only it's based on one of E.A. Poe's short stories, but the events of the movie take place during one of my favorite eras, and it's also about an asylum, and I have just began The Asylum by my favorite writer of Gothic Victorian suspense. It's such a shame that this is John Harwood's last book for me. I hope he'll pen some more, he's a masterful writer.

What to read on this day:

Yes, you have been postponing this for so long, but tonight it's the time to read this book at last.
What? You're afraid you might get too scared? Alright then, try this one, you coward!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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