Friday, March 21, 2014

Hold on, Ideas!

You know you are a writer... when you have the best ideas the moment you are most unlikely to write them down. Is there an author who hasn't dealt with those naughty ideas? Mine come when I am eating, sleeping, taking a shower, riding in a car, walking down the street... Most of the time I take out my note pad and write down what's on my mind. Last time it happened at a very noisy club (as always, I had been dragged there against my will, but that's another story), and everyone stared at me with that weird look on their face, asking what the hell I was doing. None of their business, of course. They'd still not understand why it was so important for me to complete the scene with Dickens and Cassandra, and why I suddenly had that worried expression on my face. Because poor Eric had appeared in the torture room... oops, no spoilers!

I've just found something for the ideas that visit my mind during the shower :)))) Just look at this! Waterproof note pads!!! Has to be one of the best little inventions of the past years. I just love it. You can get it from good old Amazon; it's called AquaNotes Waterproof Paper and Pencil.
AquaNotes! No idea is left behind! LOL

p.s. there's also something for those who have ideas at night: Nite Note.

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