Saturday, March 1, 2014

Free promotion: Updates

Ok, my book is back to $0.99. It was free for 3 days.
Is anyone interested how many times my book was downloaded? No? Ok, I won't say. But, My God, did I expect that?

I hit the:

Also, the book was 73th among all of the Free Books on Amazon.
What amazes me is that such results are usually achieved when you promote your free promotion (sorry for the tautology). How did so many people find out my book was free? I wouldn't be so surprised if those were some 100-500 downloads, but it was much, much more!

On the 3rd day some great people whom I don't know (not friends, nor colleagues) tweeted about my book, which was unexpected but rather pleasant :) I suppose a part of the downloads is due to these tweets, so thank you everybody for spreading the word!

As I previously said, free promotions can be helpful or meaningless. Usually they are helpful if you have series, and mine are series (4th book will come out soon), so if I see any changes in my sales, I'll post updates to help fellow writers make a decision about going free.

p.s. Nothing to do with free promotion, but can't get enough of this song today:

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