Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No more Witch Hollow books (sorry)

Ha, ha, fooled you!!!
I was planning to make this joke on April 1st but forgot. :)

The 4th part of the book took me longer to write, mainly because there were more events happening, and also because there are now too many characters. I have at least 70, and 20 of them are major characters, who need "screen" time. I might make a list of the characters with their backgrounds, to remind my readers who's who.

As always, I had sketched the cover
(can you find the typo?):

And here's what came out of it:

Isn't it beautiful? Love it! Love all my covers.

I was really hoping to publish the book at the beginning of 2014, but, alas, I had a few problems (health issues included), which prevented me from writing as much as I planned to (and wished to). Then I thought I'd publish the book sometime in spring, but May is on the threshold, and the book is still in the process of editing. Considering that I have two editors and one proofreader, I'm not sure I'll be able to publish Witch Hollow and the Spider Mistress this spring. BUT, I'll do my best.
Also, I'll try to set up a mailing list to keep my readers updated.

Thank you for your patience, for your emails, and for your support. Love you all!

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