Thursday, May 30, 2013

White Creatures

Of all the anomalies of Mother Nature Albinos are one of the most beautiful ones.

Maybe it is because in the depth of all those colors, inside the green verdure, and beneath the bluest waves the white color immediately stands out. The owners of the white feathers, white fur, and white scales are deprived of their disguise, and their vulnerability adds tints of innocence to those otherwise deadly and wild creatures.

Here are some of the best examples:

Snowflake the Gorilla. A hero of a sad story. All gorillas in Snowflake's group were killed by hunters who wanted to capture him. He later lived in Barcelona Zoo, and in 2013 was euthanized because Snowflake suffered from skin cancer. Photo: Bret Arnett/Flickr.


Snowdrop the Penguin. This snow-white cutie resided at Bristol Zoo in England. Sadly, its life was short, and Snowdrop died in 2004. Photo: Adrian Pinstone.

A peacock. Maybe not as colorful as its friends, but still amazing in its beauty and royal pride. Photo: pavelrybin/Flickr.

Claude the Alligator. Resides in the California Academy of Sciences. Seems calm and laid back. Yep, only seems. Photo: trustella/Flickr.

Have you heard of Migaloo the albino whale who lives in the Australian waters? This extraordinary beauty even has its own website! Learn more about Migaloo here. Photo: Rob Dalton/Getty Images.

An albino squirrel. Just look at those red eyes! There are white squirrels in Nature, but those with red eyes are albinos. Photo: Keith Lovett.

Not one, but two albino kangaroos at the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia. How cute they are! Photo: maywong_photos.

This albino deer is incredible. Just look at that elegant neck and white horns. Photo: Allie Caulfield.


Not only animals can be albinos, but insects as well. An albino moth. Looks like it's wearing a lush wedding gown. Photo Martin Kingsley.

Now tell me, have you ever seen such blue eyes? No, it's not a white cat. It is albino. Photo: Xabier M.


Albino tiger. Sadly, tigers are hunted down for their beautiful fur, and albino tigers are hunted more brutally for their unique and exceptional looks. Photo: Soham Pablo

And here is Morrigan from Witch Hollow! Alright, it's not really her, but my Morrigan is an ivory-colored crow, smart and quick-witted, and this is how I always pictured her.

p.s. If you know other albino animals, share their stories.

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