Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stephen King and e-books

Just read an article here, and can't suppress my surprise with S. King's decision. The writer’s latest novel, “Joyland,” will not be available in digital formats.

A rather strange decision, considering that King was one of the first to make his books available online.
Basically, King thinks he can encourage readers to go back to the bookstores and get his newest novel, though, in my opinion, he will encourage his fans to skip that particular novel (at least I won't be getting a paperback; it's too costly for me).

Why Mr. King wants to send us to bookstores is beyond me. Many readers are happy for the opportunity to read a book without the necessity to visit a bookstore, and I never saw a problem with that: it saves on money and time, and the fun is the same.

In the era of high technologies isn’t it a bit weird to put this type of limitations?

On the other hand, the article says that “Joyland” will still be available digitally on Amazon.

Hmm, now I can't help but wonder what Mr. King really wants to achieve.

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