Monday, May 13, 2013

Glamourous Merida

Stumbled across this picture today.
What have they done to beautiful Merida?
While I did not like the cartoon, I really loved Merida's appearance, and now Disney has turned her into a glamourous princess which totally contradicts to the character.

Why can't we for once have a girl who does not need make-up and shiny dresses?
Why do we need an insipid, dazzling princess with heavy make-up? There are so many girlish heroines; I think Disney could let Merida be what she was - a represantion of a different character, beautiful in her own way. Nothing against Disney's princesses; they are strong, determined, courageous, daring and bold, but a little diversity would not harm...ohh, Disney, Disney.

Do you like Merida's new look?

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