Monday, August 24, 2015

No to Amazon Exclusivity

Experienced indies have long found out what’s best for them, but the newbie authors still ask this same question: KDP Select or No KDP Select? 

KDP means Kindle Direct Publishing. If you want to self-publish your book with Amazon, you register at and upload your book. Fast and simple. But there’s also KDP Select. KDP Select gives you a few advantages, such as making your book free for 5 days, which is considered a smart marketing move. And if you think giving a book away for free is wrong, then think of the libraries. Yes, that’s right. There’s also the Countdown that comes with Select, when you put your book on a sale and the price slowly goes up during a 5 day period. Again, not a bad marketing trick. And the third advantage is the Borrows. When the book is in Select, readers can borrow it for free, while you still get paid. 

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