Sunday, June 21, 2015

Friends? I don't think so.

I'd been in a bad need of laughs recently, and chose a few American TV series, in hopes that they would abolish my sorrow. The first seasons of "The Big Bang Theory" helped me once during a bad depression. This time I chose "Scrubs" and do not regret it. "Scrubs" is probably the best series I have ever watched. It will forever stay in my heart. Almost everything about "Scrubs" is perfect: the plot, the actors, the emotions. I was saddened when it ended. Then I chose "Friends." That very famous TV series where each of the 6 actors were getting $1.000.000 per episode in the last season. Well, it had to be that good, didn't it?

But it wasn't. "Friends" was terrible. The worst TV series I have ever watched. 236 episodes, and I laughed probably 10 times. Maybe less than 10. And this was once the most popular show in the world? How? Maybe it's me? Maybe I don't have a sense of humor? But "Friends" was nothing of what I had expected. The characters were truly horrible. They were the worst friends. They were mean to each other, lied to each other, back-stabbed each other, envied each other. Those 25-30-year-old people did terrible things to each other during the 20 minute episodes, then in the last 1-2 minutes acknowledged their mistakes and quickly made up. But most of the time they did not even acknowledge how mean they were towards each other. And don't tell me it was meant to be funny, because none of that was even remotely funny. Because making Chandler spend the whole Thanksgiving locked in a wooden box just because he kissed the girl Joey was dating (along with other girls) wasn't funny. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. They make fun of science, they tease Ross; when he says he wants his daughter to be a scientist, Rachel gets angry. What's wrong with being a female scientist? Rachel was illiterate and couldn't spell the words correctly, but she constantly makes fun of Ross and his profession.
Also, the jokes were moronic. OK, maybe sometimes the fault was the bad dubbing. Characters said one thing in English, but it was dubbed differently. That I can understand. But that wasn't always the case. Maybe it's just dated? Most of the so-called funny situations arose from the characters' plain stupidity. Stupid is not funny to me. Joey was a complete idiot. And a man-whore. And how he treated women was never a bit funny. And don't get me started on Phoebe. She was a total disaster, and not in a good way. Absolutely stupid, moronic character, who couldn't keep her mouth shut, blurted out other people's secrets, and was very, very mean to the rest of the characters. Nothing about her was cute, sweet, or funny. She was just a moron, and her bad singing wasn't funny either. It was painful. 
The only more or less tolerable character was Ross. While he, too, got into trouble because of his own stupid actions (don't get me started on the silly story-lines), he was the most normal out of these 6 unpleasant people. Monica was probably the worst. A real shrew, who does everything only in her own way, who nags everyone, commands everyone, mistreats her husband, gets angry over trivial things. But then, Rachel was equally bad. Inept and spoiled, with absolutely no redeeming qualities. And as I already said, Phoebe was an imbecile. All three women were terrible: mean-spirited and tactless, also obsessed with weddings and marriage. I hated how they often neglected their significant others and fought with each other over men.
The three men were a bit more tolerable, but then, Joey's sheer stupidity was getting on my nerves. Chandler was more or less OK, although he ran away to Africa just because he couldn't tell an ex he didn't want to see her anymore. And I truly pitied Ross when his so-called friends constantly made fun of him.
Also, the ending was too rushed. Spoilers coming. Ross and Rachel didn't have anything to do with each other for the last few seasons. Not even their daughter brought them back together. The chemistry was gone. I never felt they shared feelings; I'd even say there was palpable coldness between them, and suddenly BOOM! they can't live without each other. Because the end was near, and the writers had to give us back Ross and Rachel. Totally uninspired. Also, never once I heard Ross feel sorry that his daughter Emma was going to live in Paris. Never once he told Rachel not to go, because he'd miss his baby girl. I say, bad writing.
And one more thing: child molestation isn't funny. Or maybe I didn't get the joke with Joey and his tailor? Well, I sincerely hope it was my mistake, and not another lame, embarrassing joke.
I could go on and on, but my rant needs to end. I have no wish to spend more time on "Friends." I've got better things to do.

At least one person in the world disagrees.

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