Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My library

Have I already showed off my library? I can't recall it, so I'm going to do that right now.
Just look at these pics! Aren't they amazing? In case you wonder, those red volumes in the top right shelf are everything written by Walter Scott. Oh, I loved his books. I still do. And it saddens me to see that not many read Walter Scott anymore. OK, you might try to argue, but I have done a bit of a research and have come to the conclusion that Scott, Stevenson, Vernes, they are not so popular today. Harry Potter is popular; Ivanhoe and Quentin Durward not anymore.

The blue volumes under Walter Scott is the John Galsworthy collection, including the Forsyte Saga, which I am currently reading. I have to admit I'm advancing rather slowly, I don't know why, but the Forsyte Saga hasn't yet gripped me.
There's a glimpse of Tolstoy and his twelve tomes; Dostoyevsky is on the bottom shelf, and O'Henry and Oscar Wilde are waving their hands impatiently. I see Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on the left, and George Sand, and Erich Maria Remarque beneath them. And I can also distinguish dozens of classic detectives like Georges Simenon and James Hadley Chase. Ahh, does anyone still read them? I know, I know, you and I do, don't get angry. But we're in such a minority.
These are the books in English. They are in minority; most of my books are in Russian. Well, what did you expect? Soviet Union! Anything we read was in Russian. I love the Russian language, I write in Russian better than I do in English. If I had the time I'd translate my books into Russian, but I have too many unfinished projects at the moment, no time for translations.
One day I will gather all these books (and the thousands of volumes that are still in boxes because the shelves are not enough) in one place and will have a library that will move the envy of Belle from the Beauty and the Beast. That's right, that prince's library is nothing compared to mine. All I need is a very big house. Or maybe a palace ;)

Ohh, I see Dumas in red hardbacks, I see Mark Twain in orange, I see Dickens in green, and Jules Verne in blue. And there are Main Reed, Stendhal, Somerset Maugham, Jack London, R.L. Stevenson, and a big collection of sci-fi of 1950s and 1970s. And did you notice that all of them are in hardbacks? Who bought paperbacks back in the day? Hardbacks were the big deal. Hardbacks ruled!

Ohh, Huxley, how much I need that book now. Such a pity these last shelves are in the country house, and I won't get there until summer. Sorry, Huxley. But I will read you, I promise.

I see lots of Armenian and Russian classics in there. I haven't read a book in Armenian for a decade. Such a pity. I love Armenian classic literature, but at the moment, for obvious reasons, I read books only in English.

And here's the latest addition to my huge library. They will never become classics, but they will certainly have their special place in my library. And did you notice that my books have been getting thicker with each volume? Just look at the Spider Mistress. Looks like Witch Hollow's latest installment has gormandized too many pancakes. I can hardly wait to add the 5th book to the list. That will happen very soon. Until then, happy reading! <3

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