Monday, December 8, 2014

John Wick

"People keep asking if I'm back."

This has been my favorite movie quote for the past months. Last night I watched John Wick in the theater. And loved it. Such a brainless action movie, like playing a video game and knowing you won't lose. And Keanu is still badass.

I lost the count of how many heads were shot and how many times the audience gasped, and I honestly  loved John Wick. So much I'd watch it again if I had the time. Because it was a no-brainer. And because my brain had been so tired recently, I needed something like this. But the biggest reason why I loved this movie is because the guy John Wick was after was such a typical example of the rich daddy's rotten son, that I loved each violent, bloody step he took to reach that little m0th3r!@(%3r and shoot his brains out. I wish I had my own John Wick for obvious reasons.
After the movie ended, I heard a few guys say, Whoa, so much for the dog, and had to roll my eyes. Of course it was not just for the dog. Those guys broke into his house, beat the hell out of him, stole his car, damaged the other one, and killed the dog to which he was emotionally attached. I think these were enough for a retired assassin to start a bloodbath.

And Keanu rocks. I saw him first in Point Break and have loved him since. I loved him in Speed and in The Matrix, liked him in Devil's Advocate (though I have grown tired of that movie), didn't like him in Dracula (because in Dracula I love only Gary Oldman), and think I need to rewatch Little Buddha.

John Wick is full of good action, no shaky camera work or fast-cuts. The music is great, the characters are good, the back story is interesting. It has style and it delivers. If you're not turned off by violence and blood,  cursing and swearing, and are into video games and action movies, give John Wick a try. It's great.

EDIT: Oh my God!!! Keanu is 50? FIFTY?!!! Keanu Reeves is 50 years old? Unbelievable.

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