Monday, July 21, 2014

My New Muse

Do you know what authors need for writing? That's right, a pen and a sheet of paper. A laptop might be better for some. The rest of the needs are subjective: Gillian Flynn needs total silence, Chris Bohjalian needs cats, I've heard others need cookies and candies. Well, I need music. My books take place in Ireland, around the green meadows and restless rivers, among the castle ruins and beneath the Celtic magic. I need Celtic music.
I am sure the first artist that comes to mind is Enya. I still can't decide on her best song. I used to think it was "Carribean Blue," then I thought it was "Celtic Fiddle," then "May It Be."

Enya is the Goddess of Celtic music, but she's not my only muse.
Loreena Mckennitt is my greatest love when it comes to Celtic music. Her music is multi-layered, beautiful, inspiring. Also, she looks like a forest nymph, or rather, the Queen of the Forest Nymphs. 


There is one more beautiful artist I have to mention. She might not be as famous as Enya or Loreena, but she has an incredible voice and a song so beautiful that I have spent countless hours listening her sing. She is Miriam Stockley, and her "The Song of the Seahorse" is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

And just recently I have discovered my new muse--Cécile Corbel. What a sweet, beautiful voice she has! And she's not just a singer but also a harpist and composes the most touching, mellifluous music. She's absolutely what I needed for my new fantasy series and have been listening to her most of the last week.

Listen to her and tell me Cécile is not a medieval maiden singing in the king's hall to soothe his anger and pacify his wrath. That's the role I have given to her, well, to my character actually, who sings in her voice, at least in my imagination.

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