Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Book 4 is available!

Here it is! Witch Hollow and the Spider Mistress, 4th book of the "Witch Hollow" series. Available on Kindle and in Paperback.

Well, this certainly took longer than I had expected. 110.000 words, and as Amazon states, 345 pages. I am exhausted.

The book will be available for just $0.99 for the first few days. Then it'll go up to $3.99.

Remember the ending of the 3rd book? I'm sure you do ;) So many of you were asking about that ending, well, now you might learn the answers to some of the questions. Not to all. We need the 5th book to give us all the answers :)

This is the penultimate book in series, and to be honest, I am already missing my characters. Can't believe we have almost reached the end. This was such a great journey, and also a good experience to me as an indie author. I've learned so much in the past two years I might write a few blog posts about indie publishing.

As always, don't be shy and share with me your thoughts on this book. I am always happy to read your emails. Even if I don't reply immediately, I always do that later, when I have more time on my hands. Now, I'll go back to writing the 5th book, as well as sketch my new series, one of which is a Witch Hollow spin-off about the Witchcraft Academy.
Happy reading!
Love you all,

p.s. If you can't afford any of my books, drop me an email, and I'll send you a free copy in exchange for your honest review.

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