Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bobby's Girl

Have you ever read a book which you couldn't take out of your head for weeks? I know you have. We all have.
But I always believed that the best books for me are those written at least 100 years ago. Ok, 50, maybe. I don’t like contemporary literature. I’m a classic fan. Nothing written in the past decades had ever touched my heart like one particular book.

This is a book that I’m not averse rereading, although I never reread. “Bobby’s Girl” still lives in my head, despite that more than a month has passed since I read it.

So what made this one book so exceptional for me?
The superb writing? 
The story? 
The sensation I had throughout reading? 

This book is an emotional package, and so deep that I still can’t get out of the story, can’t forget the characters, can’t stop thinking about the wonder that is called first love.

Bobby’s Girl” is a masterpiece. I hope it will reach the readers and will find the deserved place in the literature world.

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