Tuesday, August 6, 2013

About "Witch Hollow and the Dryad Princess"

The 3rd part of the "Witch Hollow" series has a cover, a synopsis, an Amazon page, is now undergoing an edit, and will be available very soon :)

 Eric is on the deathbed.
Cassandra is heartbroken.
Jack is entangled in a love triangle.
Dinah is forced into a marriage.
These are the minor problems that young residents of Hollow have to deal with. The Hunters are back in town, and the Council is plotting another witch-hunt.
To find a way for fighting back the Hunters, the young people will have fly to Walachia and receive advice from their wizard grandfather. Things become worse when three mysterious girls begin to mar the witches’ plans.

A bit about the book (be warned that I may include minor spoilers).

It is darker than the first two, and concentrates not only on the upcoming witch-hunt, but tells also about the characters' love matters. The children are growing up, and their problems are becoming more emotional. Thomas loves Dinah, Dinah loves Eric, Eric loves Electra; Ariadne and Eleanora love Jack; Jack loves both; and as if so much heartache is not enough, three new girls and two new boys will appear in the book, and everything will become even more complicated.

But because there are also lots of adventures, some of the love matters will stay unresolved. More questions will be answered in the 4th book.

Oh, and about the title character. The Dryad Princess is actually a minor character who appears at the very end of the book, but I was so taken away by her that decided to put her on the cover.

Happy reading.

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