Sunday, April 14, 2013

Silas Marner

Silas Marner by George Eliot
(spoliers below)

A story of a wrongly accused man who loses his fortune and on the same day finds a child at his door. A child that will be his comfort and salvation through the mischief. A rather short novel it still left an impact on me. George Eliot masterfully showed the burden of false accusations, the disdain after being robbed, and the hope that came with the shining hair of an innocent child.
This was a story of love, faith, hope, and redemption. The father who had abandoned his child because he was a coward and a liar regrets his deed after 16 years, but despite receiving forgiveness he still does not receive the love of his child who was taken care by a mere stranger and who acknowledges that stranger as not only her father but as the dearest person in the whole world. And despite all the fortune and "nice things" offered to the young girl she still chooses her beloved father over the gold and fortune.
Lovely story, especially when I think of the time it was taking place.
And I was so happy to find out that the robber never even had the chance to enjoy the stolen gold.

The movie:

And yet another beautiful score during the opening.Absolutely love the music.
A fine BBC adaptation, quite true to the book. An atmospheric movie that immediately gave me the feeling of the era, of the 19th-century England, the people and their lives. I love those movies which seem to take me back in time and show me what it was to live back then.

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