Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Women

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

This has to be the sweetest, the warmest, and one of the most heartbreaking books I have ever read. I am more than sure I will be re-reading this through my whole life.

There is something about this book that makes it dear to the reader's heart with no efforts. It's only a nice story about four sisters, not overly dramatic or overly funny, but there is so much warmth and love in it, that the story stays with you for a very long time.

I have heard many times that this story has lost its appeal in the modern world, that it teaches the girls to be silent housewives, and I could not disagree more. We have to remember what times those were: women did not have many options. They didn't have higher education or profession, but it didn'tstop them pursuing their dreams--so what if those dreams were not big or global.

I also loved how tenderly, dearly the girls loved their mother. This is a beautiful family book about love, friendship, tenderness, and family. I highly reccomend this. No reader will be disappointed.

And now the movie.

Below is the trailer full of spoilers!


I can't say anything negative about the movie. The tone was as sweet as the book's. The actors were wonderful. I wish it was longer; I don't think I'd get tired of following the lives of those little women. 

Surely, the movie was not a copy of the book, and lots of scenes were not included, but the crucial ones were there, and the saddst ones, too.

A wonderful book and a beautiful movie.

Enjoy both!   



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