Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My new book is finished. Let the self-hate begin!

I thought that after 5 years and 9 books, things would become easier. I was wrong! Nothing has become easier; on the contrary, it's become even harder. I hate my writing more than I did in the beginning. Maybe because in the beginning I didn’t really know what good writing in English was, but after 5 years and hundreds of amazingly written books by genius authors I can only return to hitting my head against the keyboard and wish to destroy every single word written by me.

I’m still mediocre at best. My sentences are awkward and clumsy; my writing is simple, even poor. I wrote and re-wrote passages of my book many times, but it’s not getting better. I want to burn the whole manuscript and bury it under a thick layer of concrete.

I know that I will publish my new novel. Probably on the 1st of January, 2018. Until then I’ll put it away, and will return to it in 10 days. Maybe after a bit of rest my muse will have pity on me. Maybe she won’t.

So, Abracadabra will come out on the 1st of January. And I’ll try not to destroy the book until then.

Stay well,


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