Monday, April 13, 2015

A Secret Post #2

I'm crazy. I'm a butcher. I might be a better writer.
I cut out 24.000 words from Witch Hollow and the Fountain Riddle. Wanna know what's the worst thing about it? I haven't deleted a single scene. And I still cut out 24.000 words. WHFR was 84.000 words before I began rewriting it. Today, it's 60.000. Another 50 pages are gone without a trace.
And again, what does it mean? That my book was filled with so much garbage I hardly made my way through the thicket of adverbs, adjectives, and unnecessary "telling instead of showing."
I feel much better now. Like I've done something very important. And I am also very, very tired. But there's Witch Hollow and the Dryad Princess, and I need to go through it too :((( 
WHDP is 95.000 words at the moment. I'm scared to think how many words I'm going to slaughter. And as I said, I'm really tired, but I can't postpone going through WHDP, because I need to rewrite the first 4 books of the series before publishing the last one. So I better go get some sleep, before sitting in front of my laptop and staying in the same position for another 10 days.
See you on April 25th.

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