Friday, March 27, 2015

Saving my plant

This is what happens when you abandon everything and think only about finishing your book.

She was such a lush, lovely... flower? Bush? Shrub? I don't know what she was, but she looked beautiful, with long, twining stems and bright leaves, flowing out of the pot and spreading all over the desk. And I was taking care of her. The bigger she'd grow, the wider was my smile. Then I let others take care of her while I was busy. And this is what happened :'(
A single stem has survived. I placed her into a jar, to let her grow roots before putting her back into the earth.

Everyone kept telling me she wasn't worth it, she was just an average plant, and I better used the pot for a better flower, but I sent them all to hell. It's a matter of principle. If one stem has survived, then I'll take care of her until she grows back.

So here she is. Small and skinny, but going strong. All I can do now is wait. And not let anyone else touch her again. At least until she grows bigger and stronger.

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