Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

What do you call someone who watches The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in a theater at least 3 times? A nerd? I always knew I was a Tolkien nerd. Ever since I watched the cartoon from 1977, then fell in love with LoTR, then devoured Silmarillion, then learned Quenya and a bit of Sindarin.

Mae govannen, mellon! ;)

Soooo, lots of people complain about The Hobbit. Too long. Too much CGI. Unnecessary fillers. Unnecessary characters. Crude humor. An abused version of Tolkien's fairy-tale. And yet, with all those flaws I still managed to watch it thrice in the theater. Was going for a fourth time, but alas, it was over already.

I loved The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I loved almost every bit of it, although I absolutely agree with all the complaints. But for 3 hours (ok, 3 * 3 hours) I had lost myself in the Middle Earth. Hey, I got to see elves! Everyone seems to be in love with King Thranduil. Am I the only one not smitten away by him? :) Alright, I admit, this face on the big screen is indeed gorgeous. I couldn't help snapping a photo. But my favorite elf is always Legolas. Why they'd change his character like that and make him say something so rude to Gimli's dad is beyond me?! <sigh> 

At least he shoots as good as in LoTR. I couldn't help taking a photo of him, too. But those acrobatic tricks during the barrel chase scene were hilarious. A bit overdone... ok, actually, badly overdone.

Oh, Tauriel. I don't hate her like many fans do. I have to say, I like her character. And I liked the way Evangeline Lily looked in the movie. In my
opinion, she was a better elf than Legolas :( She reminded me of Legolas from LoTR: heavenly, yet tough. My thoughts about Tauriel's faith: as sad as it may sound, but she'll die in the 3rd movie. I'm almost sure of it. A reason to show a devastated Legolas and a heartbroken Kili. Oh, btw: I didn't have any problem with Taurliel liking Kili. In my opinion she loves Kili in the same platonic way that Galadriel and Gimli loved each other. What? Gimli didn't love Galadriel? Of course he did! He carried a lock of her golden hair with him after the Fellowship left Lothlórien.

What else did I like in 2nd Hobbit... Oh, I loved the music when we arrived to the Lake Town. That theme was so splendid my heart leaped inside my chest from so much beauty. Here, judge by yourselves.

And Lake Town reminded me so much of the place I live now. We share the same type of corrupt politicians, greedy and ugly. I could totally relate to Bard. And the townsfolk behaved exactly like the people here: promise them a bit of gold (money, food crumbs), and they'll forget about anything else. <another sigh>

Smaug was great. At the end I felt so bad for him I hoped those mean dwarfs would leave him alone. And I seriously considered starting a campaign for the protection of the dragons. After all, they are rare species, almost extinct!

Oh, I almost forgot Bilbo! But this is his movie. 
So, here's Bilbo Baggins on the big screen:

Did you like Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug?
Why not?

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