Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Giveaway: The Results

The second giveaway at the Story Cartel has ended.
StoryCartel is really an easy way to receive reviews. All you need is a well edited book, and be sure it will find its readers and reviewers.

I won't be  giving away the third part of my book, Witch Hollow and the Dryad Princess (I'm not sure giving away the 3rd part of the series will bring many reviews; 2 or 3 maybe), but if there are readers who will review it, feel free to email me at for a free copy.

And here are the winners and their reviews:





Oh, I recently won a giftcard myself!!!  I downloaded a great book on traveling from StroyCartel, The Long-Term Traveler's Guide: Going Longer, Cheaper, and Living Your Dream, and voila, a giftcard :)

Never thought I would win, but it happened. Here's my winning review.